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Blairquhan advertisement 

This bottle of water has a beautiful story

Music can be the expression of water

Water and music have much in common. High quality water strengthens the body and beautiful music nourishes the soul

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About its name


It has a long historical background 
It has a classic legend 
It has a beautiful cultural connotation 
It has a special name 
It's an old trademark 

Matter may not survive the urge of time, and eventually disappear, 
But the spiritual culture with material as the carrier is immortal.

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Classic Legends: Exploring Ancient Trademarks

About its name

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Origin: Classic unforgettable and enduring

James and Burns introduce

On the wall of Benlai Wang Forever Expo Hall, there is a different landscape, an elegy. It was written by the poet Robert Burns to James Hunter Blair, the father of the owner of Blairquhan Castle, to express his gratitude and regret for his death. James Hunter Blair unselfishly supported Robert Burns on his journey from dream to fame. That melodious dirge, 200 years after its first sound, still touches the hearts of millions of listeners.

Although poets such as Robert, William, the architect, Sir James and so on are no longer of this age, their unique grace and manners have influenced people from generation to generation and are told down in stories. Everything, everything, everything that happens in Blairquhan Castle is the essence of the Castle. It is the epitome of Blairquhan culture. It is classic and lasting, attracting the attention of visitors and unforgettable to the listeners...

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As an old trademark
Blairquhan comes with a magical color
The classic story about it
I can't tell you enough

The Hunter Blair family has brought up an outstanding man for Scotland,
James Hunter Blair, elected in 1784 as the first mayor of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital,
His second son, Sir David, was the new owner of Blairquhan.
David loves Blairquhan Castle,
Invited William Burn, a brilliant young designer at the time, to renovate and beautify the castle,
The famous St. John's Church, Melville Monument are from the great architect William.
William's successful reconstruction of Blairquhan Castle caused a sensation in Scottish architecture,
The architecture of Blairquhan has been preserved to this day.
In November 2012, the castle was bought by Jingtian Group, a well-known Chinese water company, Jingtian Group, which owns high-quality mineral water resources, combines Blairquhan's history and culture with the company's water culture,
Blairquhan, named after the ancient castle, is the excellent product of Jingtian Group's drinking water family.
Blairquhan will be the high-end mineral water brand Jingtian has been working hard to create.
According to authorities, the "q" in Blairquhan is not pronounced.
Jingtian took the Chinese translation of Blairquhan as "Ben Lai Wang" based on Blairquhan pronunciation and Chinese culture.
This is the origin of the brand "Ben Lai Wang".