Purity comes from "Move On” 

A bottle of water full of youthful energy



Will live more art

From the convenient size of the portable format, fit your bag, to the design of the bottle body, enhance any occasion, there is a Jingtian product for your any moment of rehydration

Disposable bottled water
Mineral water/Natural springs
Pure water
Natural springs
Pure water
Natural springs
Pure water
Natural springs
Pure water
Natural springs

Isolated winter scenery of water source (real photo)

Production base
Ganten QiaXi

Fully automatic production line

The whole process of asepsis protects the purity of the production process

Jingtian Yangjiang production base

It is located in a beautiful and rustic town in the south

My choice - Variable ID

Carrying the dynamic choices of your different roles

Party timeEnjoy together

Sports travelhydrated

Street meetOpen the surprise

The teaFragrance moist

Strong soupGood water boils good rice