Real natural mineral water

Centenarian Mountain never uses surface water;Because surface water is polluted by organic substances such as acid rain and pesticides to varying degrees
The water source of Baishui Mountain lies hundreds of meters underground in the cracks in the rocks.

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Mineral water is good
Let's be clear

Noble Water Source

Natural mineral water

From cracks in underground rocks
Precious and can be drunk directly

Natural water

Most of the water sources are surface water sources which are easily polluted

Only natural mineral water is
Water source with mining license

The mining license is a status symbol of quality water;
Natural mineral water belongs to the "liquid mineral", and gold, silver, and other solid
Minerals are also key protected resources under strict state control.
Natural water is a source of water without a mining license.

Natural mineral water exclusive water source development

The independent development of natural mineral water sources has comprehensively protected the problem of water pollution in the process of production, and the mining cost is over 100 million yuan

Natural water sources are for public use

Natural water and other bottled water plants with surface water as water source are for public use. The water source environment is complex, the production process is highly likely to be polluted, and there is no mining cost

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