About Ganten

Business profile 

Shenzhen city tian from food and beverage co., LTD., founded in 1992, is a focus on bottled, bottled drinking water production and sales of well-known enterprises, set "ganten", "centenarians mountain" two brands, set up more than 10 subsidiaries, branches, with guangdong huizhou, guangdong guangzhou, ningbo, zhejiang, jiangxi yichun, fujian xiamen and so on a number of mineral water production base, and is located in the guangdong huizhou, putian, fujian, hebei tangshan, nantong, jiangsu and other places of pure water. The company has more than 50 production lines, using the German Krones blowing and filling integrated automatic equipment.

The company's sales network not only covers all provinces in mainland China, but also sells to Hong Kong, Macao, Canada, Singapore, the United States, Australia, Russia and other regions and countries. It has achieved excellent results and good reputation. At the same time, the company has also set up a factory in the UK, which is the first step for the domestic water industry to invest in the overseas market and has become a pioneer in the industry.

Taking quality as the life of brand development, Jingtian has comprehensively implemented ISO22000 and HACCP quality management and control system, and has applied for nearly 100 registered trademarks and patents at home and abroad. It has always adhering to the business philosophy of "continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence", and is constantly climbing the peak of the industry. The total annual sales volume of the company has been increasing year by year, and the company has been rated as "Top 20 of China's Beverage Industry" and "Top 10 of China's Drinking Natural Mineral Water" by China Beverage Industry Association. With professional, sincere, efficient enterprise spirit, won the "guangdong famous brand product" and "province famous trademark", by the state administration for industry and commerce as well-known trademarks, obtain "guangdong province beverage industry leaders", "excellent enterprise" beverage 15 years in China and other honors, and for many years by China quality inspection association "national quality and service integrity excellent enterprise" and other awards.

With great innovation, Jingtian Company initiated the construction of "noble water culture" in China, and built the Baisui Mountain Base in Luofu Mountain into the first "water culture leisure ecological base" integrating production, tourism, leisure and culture in China. In the base, dozens of production lines adopt integrated filling equipment imported from Germany Krones, leading technology, walking in the forefront of the industry. At the same time, the production base combines the "Taoist holy mountain" Luofu Mountain allusions and legends, and introduces the ecological concept of health and longevity. Hundred years mountain mineral water also with the industry's original "flat shoulder" modeling bottle won the 2003 first China international beverage festival best packaging design award. The mineral water source, plant construction and brand promotion of 100 years old mountain have shaped the image of fashion, nobility and individuality, so that the four words "water aristocracy" go deep into the hearts of consumers and form a unique brand positioning.

Jingtian company will continue to strictly control the quality, in the brand, fashion, personalized, scale to form a unique core competitiveness, for consumers to lead a unique scientific and healthy drinking water lifestyle.